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Nürnberg Airport

Developed by Lars Pinkenburg & Volker Wegner for Captain7/29Palms.

May 2013. That was the very first time I had heard of Captain Seven’s. It’s lone developer, Volker Wagner, was in the midst of his first project under the new brand the northern German airport of Heringsdorf. Even then the with the fist imagery, the work was quite impressive for it’s time.

Now I am one of those who likes to think, I know long potential when I see it. and certainly, I called it with Volker. A few years back he paired up with Lars Pinkenburg (another master developer I worship) and between the tow of these masterminds, they are creating gold. One with Magdeburg and now with Nurnberg, an airport I have been waiting to get for nearly 10 years ever since I abandoned the Aerosoft version from The German Airports Team. Dive in with me and let’s see just how much Volker and Lars have grown. We’re headed to Nuremburg in my latest full written review! Review Status: In Progress.


Diamond DA62

Developed by Sean Moloney for Vertx Simulations.

Were you just as heartbroken as I? You know, when it was announced that RealAir had split and would be no more. I cried for like 3 days in a row. GA aircraft development is super badass in FS when it’s done right. A2A, MilViz, and RealAir are among the very best in my book. Baytower had so much promise but that’s how it goes. And the thought of RealAir going the way of the dinosaur after releasing those 2 V2 badasses was just too much to bear.

But lucky for us, the fire is still raging on in Sean Moloney’s heart and he has shocked the FS community with the advent of his new development house: Vertx Simulations. His DA62 has the all the looks we love from RealAir but does it have brains? I’m willing to bet it does and so much more. So let’s check out the resurgence Sean and his new masterpiece, the DA62! Review Status: In Progress.

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Santa Barbara Airport

Developed by Misha Cajic for Orbx Simulation Systems.

Ohh Misha… Would you believe he was only 14 when I became a fan of his? Now the guy is twice as tall as I am and if you would believe it, he is a terrific pilot and as his passenger, I have the videos taken from down under to prove it! So it’s no surprise that someone with so much passion for aviation is also one helluva top notch a scenery developer.

His latest release is his biggest ever with 2 years in the making and he has left no detail out in his Santa Barbara masterpiece. I had the pleasure of joining him as he surveyed the airport back in 2017 and getting that insight into his development mind is something i’ll never forget. But that said, I am happy to share. You ready? MCA you came a long way. Oh California, here we come! Livestream Status: Scheduled.

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Portland International Airport

Developed by Bill Womack’s iBlueYonder for Flightbeam Studios.

I remember when the legendary Womack came across my radar. I was still very much in love with FS9. But when I stumbled upon a youtube video of someone shooting a low viz approach through a thunderstorm into Cushman Meadows, I absolutely knew I needed that airfield in my life. It was among the first sceneries I sought out upon my transition from FS9 to P3Dv1.4. Fast forward to today, and we see just how far Bill has come with the advent of his largest project ever: Portland.

Not since my departure from FS9 have I wanted this airport so badly. The dreams of a FlightZone02 replacement can now finally die after all these years of developers passing this airport up. So just how well did Bill nail this baby? Let’s go find out! Review Status: In Progress.

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Værøy Nordland

Developed by Jo Erlend Sund for Aerosoft.

Within the world of Flight Simulation there lies remote locations across the vastness of the digitized landscape. Among them there are two island locations among the oceans that capture my interest more than any other. One is the Pago Pago scenery from Orbx, and the other is Veroy from developer Jo Erlend.

Jo is one hell of an amazing developer in my eyes and every product he releases simply never fails to impress me. I followed his closely from the days of his Oslo V1 project. Stalking him on FSDeveloper and his skills and attention to detail just continue to get better and better with each release. This product is by no means new, but every time I see I am just astonished at how well done the work is. So much so, I needed to write about it. Come see why I admire Vaeroy so much,

Review Status: In Progress.

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Brussels Airport

Developed by Andrey Bakanov & Evgeny Baturin for JustSim Addon Designers.

Andrey Bakanov is a talented developer with something of a colorful history. None of which I will delve into. With my resurgence also comes a clean slate and as such, I am certainly curious how he, and one of my favorite developers of all time Evgeny Baturin, collaborate to deliver the airport no one could seem to freaking complete.

When I bought the Aerosoft version back in 2007, it was one of the best airports in my collection. Will this new version replace it? It’s been a very long time since I put wheels down in Belgium, lets discover if JustSim has delivered the BRU we all have been waiting years to get our hands on.

Livestream Status: Scheduled.

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Paris Orly

Developed by Thomas Lo Gerfo for Jetstream Designs.

There was a developer from long ago that delivered a lovely rendition of Marsielles then never return leaving the canvas for new talent, one that I sew serious potential in. Thomas was his name and like may new developers I discovered, I stalked his efforts until I felt his work was ready for the FS community to see. He did a damn good job with it yet pales in comparison when looking at the magic he is creating today. I said it 2 years ago that his work was as good as Flightbeam so it’s no surprised Thomas has joined Flightbeam.

Paris Orly is his latest destination and it’s so good, every time you fly to Paris you will have to force yourself to fly into that other big Parisian airport. Come with me as I return to Paris!

Livestream Status: Scheduled.


Friedman Memorial Airport

Developed by Turbulent Designs team: Russ Linn, Greg Jones, & Russ White for Orbx Simulation Systems.

It’s always interesting how things turn out. The boys Russ Linn and Greg Jones were initially part of a larger dev team known as SIM720 several years back developing products under contract with Orbx. At the time, early on EU ENG was not proving to be as popular as the PNW and the team was released leading Russ & Greg to break off on their own and start Turbulent Designs. Those first days were turbulent indeed leading the 2 man group back into the auspices of Orbx which saw their first release. The team broke off from Orbx, grew their team, released a few more highly successful products and returned back to Orbx with their first release under the publisher since Friday Harbor. The quality and attention to detail from this team makes them along the best in the industry in my eyes. Come along and i’ll show you exactly what i’m talking about. Livestream Status: Scheduled.

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Singapore Changi

Developed By Cal Lewin, Felipe Schieber, Alex Vletsas, David Aquino, Farley Kelly-Masterton, Matthias Rauh, Gábor Kovács, & Irmi Schwarz for ImagineSim.

There was once upon a time… well many years ago really when I regarded ImagineSim simply as that okayish developer who delivers the stuff no one else does. I always saw the improvement potential which motivated me to list all the areas I felt ImagineSim needed to work on in a review.

The very next project release was Shanghai damn if I was I not impressed. With each release since, ImagineSim continues to strive in every aspect leading the growing team back to an ImagineSim classic: Singapore!

It shocks me that this very important global hub has been left open for so many years but that a good thing allowing Cal & team to return and do Changi the justice it truly deserves. Lets go check it out! Livestream Status: Scheduled.


Cologne Bonn

Developed by Jo Erlend Sund for Aerosoft.

When you have been around as long as I have in FS, one thing that is a constant desire among all the new airport sceneries getting released that you’ve dreamed of are those you loved and enjoyed for years only to either fall out of compatibility, or lacking the bells, whistles, and visuals of the new stuff. Not to mention the real world counterparts get upgrades leaving your fav airport behind.

Enter Jo Erlend Sund. Not only does he deliver us places many of us have never been in FS such as Alta, Tromso, and Trondheim among many others, he also delivers the stuff long left behind by other developers of long ago such as Bergen, Daytona, and of course, Cologne Bonn. This is an airport done originally by the German Airports Team if I remember correctly, and it’s been vacant for far too long. The future has arrived, It’s time to go back! Livestream Status: Scheduled.

Port lotniczy Olsztyn-Mazury.jpg

Port lotniczy Olsztyn-Mazury

Developed by Jakub Pączek, Mariusz Napora, Karol Jankowski, Jakub Łukaszewski, Aleksander Roman, Piotr Pajor, Dominik Hajder, Piotr Lewandowicz, & Stanislaw Drzewiecki for Drzewiecki Design.

One of my very first hardcore I written reviews I completed was for the amazing Krakow airport for FS9 developed by Drzewiecki design. Even to this day it remains one of my all time favorite airports and whereas the team has returned with an update to reflect it’s real world changes, I still love the nostalgia of the older version.

That review led to many other Drzewiecki Design reviews some of which have recently been updated reflecting the very changes & enhancements I recommended all those years ago. In this livestream, I return to memory lane and discuss some of these cool improvements as well as look at a couple new destinations. Livestream Status: Scheduled.

SCEL review.jpg

Santiago International Airport

Developed By Ricardo Morillo, M. Ziajski, M. Dalli, G. Rebolledo for Latin VFR.

One thing we have always been able to count on from LatinVFR is to live up to their name. And that’s, for the most part, delivering airports from Central & South America as well as the Caribbean. Regions that very few developers have shown interest in over the years. This is the very reason why we need LatinVFR. To show us where we are not flying and what we are missing.

The team has returned to Santiago after what I believe has been over a decade since the first version, en an effort to deliver the future look this airport holds. Come with me to the far south as I dive in and see just what the team has delivered.

Livestream Status: Scheduled.


Aeropuerto de Tenerife Sur

Developed by Evgeny Baturin for Digital Design.

Evgeny has returned to the scene yet again with another spectacular release. Well actually there is another spectacular release after this one but i’m not quite ready for The Yellow Submarine just yet.

I first came across Evgeny’s work nearly 10 years ago in the frame of freeware middle of nowhere Russian airports that were all of Payware quality. He then moved on to Yekatarinburg, a scenery that I wrote a very extensive review on. Seems like ages ago.

It’s nice to see Evgeny moving about the European landscape with his relentless rampage of quality. Lets take a trip down to the Canaries and have a close look at what he’s delivered this time around. Livestream Status: Scheduled.