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What can I say? Well actually I can say a lot! Which may be a good or bad thing depending your interests. The bottom line here is, sometimes, there are things that are simply better said through words rather than just text. But aside from my ramblings, you can also expect interviews with the many various developers many of you are fans of. My goal is to release one episode a month so lets you and I dive deep into the wealth of useless total nerd flight simulation knowledge just bursting from my brain to your ears. So press play, relax, and enjoy the repartee!


Episode Two: Colin Sits On The Toilet...

April 2019 Edition. In this episode I chat with MilViz founder and creative developer Colin Pearson. We discuss the KA350i and it's troubled history as well as the future and the controversy surrounding kickstarting a campaign to get ATR development into XPlane and much more all while he sits on the toilet hiding from his family. It's a complete disaster. Enjoy!

Episode One: The Prodigal Son Returns!

April 2019 Edition. In this episode I welcome readers & listeners to the new venture of Flightlevel 350, what you can expect in the times ahead as well discuss a few things from the past since my turnover of AirDailyX and what leads me here. Press play and enjoy the flight!