FL350 Exclusive! FlyTampa Las Vegas Confirmed Release: April!


It looks you all are going to have to wait just a bit longer before the extremely long anticipated release of FlyTampa’s Las Vegas scenery. The good news however, confirmed by the dev team, the scenery is in the midst of final beta stages with release expected next month. If memory serves me correctly (and the older I get the worse it seems to get) but this project was started by Martin Martin Brunken and team (the mastermind behind the mighty Dubai, then handed off to Emilios and team to complete and add the sparkles. Looking at Martins track record andthe track records of track records of Emilios Gemenetzidis & Yannis Dermitzakis respectively we are looking at a group of people who brought us airport cityscape sceneries Hong Kong KaiTak, and Dubai on one end, and Tessaloniki and Copenhagen on the other. What all these developers have in common is surpassing quality and scale without compromising on quality as a crazy affordable price.

Why crazy? Well if you consider FSDT LAX or YVR retails for $29.00 and FT Dubai and Copenhagen retails for $31.00. For an extra 2 bucks you still get a large scale mega airport and several hundred square miles of realistic cityscape to explore with it. Now if you haven’t heard of the name: Yannis Dermitzakis, you certainly have now. He is likely the one you’ll be praising as you journey up and down the strip, from Summerlin to Henderson and everywhere in-between.

I remember words of FSDT’s Umberto Colapicchioni stated many years ago when he noted adding the city of Amsterdam alongside Cloud9’s AMS. He said it added a lot of additional effort that wasn’t really worth the trouble and it wasn’t really important to pilots. I personally never believed those words but if nothing else, we now see just how important a cityscape really is to a city such as Las Vegas and I for one applaud the long and hard efforts that are going into this project. It’s years of sweat carpel tunnel on behalf of the team no doubt, but damn if it aint all worth it. We are down to just weeks not folks! I can almost see the strippers.

Speaking of which, FlyTampa is known for Easter egging the shit out of their projects, (well my boy George anyway) I can only imagine what one might find once we go snooping. After, it’s Vagas baby! The final countdown timers are ticking!