Good Ole Graham, I Love This Guy!


The man who is a Pacific Islander himself hence his brand name suggests, Graham Michael, the man with 2 first names has returned yet again to the Asian side of the ocean in an effort to deliver the airports many of us want but are simply not getting. Salt Lake and Reno sat vacant in FS for way too damn long and so has the 2 primary South Korean airports Incheon and Seoul. The latter of those two airports last saw representation in flight simulation on behalf of OverlandJP. To be quite honest, I really miss Overland. They introduced me to Japan and covered nearly every major (and interesting) airport the country has to offer. To this day, Japan has always been the most exciting country I have ever enjoyed in FS. But those days are long gone and every time Graham tries his stake under the Red Sun, he always finds someone else jumping in on the competition only leading him to pull out.

But hey, no one is looking at South Korea right now so i’d say it’s a safe bet that not only is there some reasonable demand, but not much chance his toes will be stepped on. PacSim just keeps getting better & better with each and every release and just looking at the previews dating from this month all the way back to august, i’m blown away. Graham, keep up the good work and looking for the next time you sneak up behind me as you are also so good at. Check out the latest, looks like not too far now!