Aerosoft Erfurt Released! But Let's Talk About This Though...

airport-erfurt (5).jpg

Uh-oh, here come another one of D’Andre’s boringass long walks down memory lane. But yes. I gotta do this. Because Aerosoft, Erfurt, and AirDailyX Classic has something of a colorful history here. Back in 2012, Aerosoft entered what I might call the desperate years. ACES studios was shut down and there was no clear direction of what would come next to sustain flight simulation. The way I saw things at the time, is Aerosoft had lowered the bar with regards to their quality threshold in order to get more products on-board and Erfurt, (the one released back in 2011) was a clear representation of this move. And when Dominique got his hands on it, he was NOT pleased and made it known. Allow me to for a moment, link you back into history:

Okay so now that you have read those articles, and the comments, eventually the results of which led to quite a backlash against Aerosoft leading to the removal of the product from the webshops. This was also coupled with a promise to the FS community and their customers to implement increased diligence and measures going forward in how they assess products they put their branding on. This led to the removal of other products including two that were in production including Dreamflight Studios Rome Fiumicino, (released on Simmarket instead) and FSDG Deutschland X (which I don’t think ever got released)

You really could count on us to be honest in our news coverage as opposed to blindly covering news especially on bad products and the results led to positive changes. I still stand by that. So now that Aerosoft has just released a whole new version of Erfurt, I am for one, seriously curious about the quality and who the developer is. The product page screenshots are a bit difficult to make out qualitywise… I’ll need to take a much closer look at this one.

Update: I’ve added more images and Initial thoughts on the PR applications on the 3D objects, the low res imagery isn’t inspiring much enthusiasm at present. I am also taking into consideration recently released German airports: Nuremburg, Cologne Bonn, and Bremen from developers 29Palms, Jo Erlend, and FSDG’s Sasha respectively, coupled with the comparative pricing all between $20-$25 dollars and I can’t honestly say, based on what I am seeing here, Erfurt is quite out of place here. I am also curious as to why the product was send direct to release without a stop in the preview forums. And comparing these shots to those of the original, I fail to see much improvement. Honestly, it feels very early FS9 to me. Your thoughts? More information via the source link below.