Hardcore Simmers: Do We Really Need Programs Like This?


At the end of the day, the best of the best, ego’s, skills, & all, when you know what you know, what’s the point of going after something that teaches you what… well… what you already know? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Now this goes beyond those who may not be well versed in the approach procedures of the Greek Islands, how to find your runway at big ass AMS, or how to fly the Q400. For those folks, whether they believe it or not, they can seriously benefit from edutainment programs like those delivered by Airline2Sim. But i’m not talking to those people.

I’m talking to those whom already possesses this knowledge and thus quite possibly, have written off programs such as A2S or Angle of Attack as a result of their own magnificent aviator sapience. Now no doubt, the latter of these two educational media presenters truly puts you into a sort of classroom situation starting from the bottom. But the former jumps right into the action and spends the the majority of it’s time not behind a desk, but on the flight deck. Again, you are a hardcore simmer and you know all this stuff so it’s not for you. Or is it? Because the way I see it, if it’s one thing both enthusiast and hardcore simmers have in common, it’s the love for flight simulation and the desire to immerse one’s self into the hobby. And whereas there exists the possibly that the most elite of you wont need this, I can tell you without a doubt, you want it. Even if you don’t know you want it. Why? Because I know Ben (the lead developer on this) and I know his style. This stuff is seriously entertaining and fun as hell to watch. And it has the added benefit of getting you out of your various comfort zones and exploring another part of the world besides those same old boring routes you have been flying nonstop for years.

Go explore something new, and while you are at it, have some fun! There’s nothing in P3D’s EULA that says fun is strictly prohibited. And as for the title question, do hardcore simmers need programs like this? Maybe, maybe not. But after you have purchased it, you’ll be glad you did. Take my word for it if that means anything… Check out everything Airline2Sim has to offer via the source link below. And hit me back if you have found I was wrong 😉

Bill, Thomas, Misha, Lars, Volker, Cal: HOLY CRAP!


The oddest thing about being outside the realm of flight simulation is the not having a damn clue on what the hell is going on. I have maintained my relationships with many people including the development community but whats so crazy is when people are coming up to me with dish that they used to go to me to get. Or developers emailing me and asking what I think of their new previews or announcements and I am like what??

I seriously have been away from flight simulation. Last year alone I may have completed 15 flights, the ENTIRE YEAR! And i’ve only checked news sites a hand full of times when someone sent me a link. I kid you not, I have truly been out of the loop with everything! But that said, I have returned to find some seriously cool shit get released! Yep you just saw foul language. Yep. I’m back.

So right now I am in catch-up mode and in doing so, I gotta name drop on the stuff I have seen or have thus far and bang some shoutouts for some developers I have been covering for years prior to my “absence”

Bill Womack: Dude, what the absolute f*ck with PDX! Holy hell did you nail that hard! I swear it’s like nostalgia revisiting the Flightscenery version from FS9. I have been wanting that airport for YEARS and not only did you nail it, you killed it by bring it it back to life. Seriously, this was a HUGE project for you. your biggest ever by far and words simply cant describe the pride I feel with what you have accomplished here. Congratulations on the release Bill, it’s amazing! Review coming soon if not already published by the time this site goes live.

Thomas LG: I remember all those years ago when you first reached out to me regarding your Marseilles scenery. Damn I thought you were good then! But watching you improve and outperform yourself with each release never ceases to amaze me. Linate had me on my knees, but Orly put me on my back (even I am not sure what I mean by that) but to say you are absolutely on fire man! Congrats on a job well done! Review coming if not already complete. All the best on Blagnac, I cant wait to get my hands on it!

Misha Cajic: It took you for freaking EVER!! To get SBA out, but you did it man and made me proud! The most bias review is in the works, just waiting for you to all those watermasked islands! You did an amazing job man. I remember when you were like 13 when you first reached out to me with your MCA scenery and seeing how far you’ve come just blows my mind! Stay focused in school, and can’t wait to see more!!!

Lars & Volker: I have wanted Nuremburg ever since I trashed my FS9 version from the German Airports Team back in 2008. That was a LONG freaking wait! And I really gotta say, what you two have delivered is far beyond what I could have asked for. The quality is just so damn kick ass, no wonder it’s up on the Flightbeam website! It took a long time guys but the wait was worth it! Review coming or complete already.

Cal Lewin: You finally did it with Singapore! I have always been in your corner ever since you first reached out to me and even though I do not own it yet, I can already see it’s looking amazing!! You have come such a long way in your development talent and if it’s one thing you can count on is this cheerleader waving the pompoms for you!

I should also note my boys over at Turbulent Designs! If any one can find my words from way back then, I said, these Turbulent guys’ future is anything but turbulent and the work just keeps getting better and better with each parking lot and grain of wood! Love you guys!

If anyone was left out, that’s because I am still playing catch up but i’ll get there!!