Drzewiecki Chicago Chicago City X Released! And...


Drzewiecki Design is seriously getting good as these urban cityscape sceneries and Chicago is some of their best work to date! Seattle was extremely impressive complete with it’s massive coverage area, added, airports, accuracy, lighting, and performance. Chicago which was released yesterday is impressive as it currently sits however, there is much more to come. The team is currently wrapping up all the local airports which will come in a separate package. But as for the city itself, the team is still working on several building additions, helipads, texturing and more which they expect to be completed by the time the airports are ready. I’ll say this, Chicago is truly the windy city and if you plan to go helicopter flying with real weather, you had better have your skills ready! The scenery is also perfectly compatible with Orbx Meigs field! Enjoy!

I’ll livestream the product in it’s entirety once it’s fully complete with all included airports. Next livestreams: Flightbeam Quito & LatinVFR New Orleans.