So Here We Are. What Now?


If you haven’t read the introductory post below, you should start there. First, I just want to thank you for visiting and I am sure you must be wondering what are my intentions with this new site. It kinda feels like the old one doesn’t it? Kinda familiar? Well that’s because once again I have gravitated back over to Squarespace. It’s better for me to have a team maintaining the website’s logistics so I can purely focus on content. No need for me to concern myself with maintenance, security & upkeep. So sorry in advance if you hated the old one.

XPlane has certainly made leaps & bounds over the last year and a half and it’s amazing how the community has taken to it. Indeed the stage has shifted and XPlane coverage is an absolute must for FL350. I am not ready for it just yet however. I need a major GPU upgrade, and a crap load more storage. As it sits, I have nearly blown through 10TB of drive space between FS and my photography. I will be launching a Pateron site to help me get through this first year. Your support will go a long way in terms of what i’ll be able to achieve and how fast. But in a nutshell, it’s a go for XPlane. The same applies for DCS.

As for you, me, and this new adventure. Well right off the bat I can tell you what you are getting and that’s me. D’Andre. I have gotten so much feedback in my absence and what seems to be the common trend, something seems lacking ever since I left ADX. Now to be clear, one thing I am not here to do is compete with any other FS publication or media. If nothing else, i’d prefer the opposite. What you get that’s different here is my take on the FS world. I won’t be coming from an objective journalistic approach. I’ve never been interested in that. Instead, you are getting someone just like you who is just as excited and crazy for this hobby. So expect lots of enthusiasm. I am sure you all will have many questions and I am here to answer them all. Plans for the future is to return to full written reviews, livestreams, and podcasts as well as daily news. I hope to have your support as we create something new. And once again, Welcome!

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