WF Unleashes Shots Of Kunming Changshui!


I remember when I first came across the works of WS Scenery Studio. Very rarely does a new developer come off with such impressive skill on a first shot. But I had been saying it for years: China is indeed the world’s fastest growing economy now being in second place. It was only a matter of time before some percentage of that enormous population would reach interest in flight simulation. Only a few developers have risen from the population but sadly only WF ScenerStudio solders on as far as I can tell. The latest release was Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport released back in Janurary which also looks pretty badass. This team is showing no signs of slowing. This only leaves the question: How big is the flight simulation populous in China, and what are the demographics of those purchasing Chinese airports? I’d wager, it’s likely mostly Europeans right now. But what do I know?? This marks yet another developer that has moved on from FSX with dedication on P3D. I’ll be keeping an eye out as development progresses!