We Don't Get Enough Shots Like This:


I remember back in the day when FSDT would open their backdoor previews sections on their forum every time a new project started. The first renders were never much to see other than a bunch of lines making up the foundation of what would eventually become an airport scenery. For many, this meant absolutely nothing and represented nothing more than the long wait ahead. But for folks like me, it offered an amazing insight into the development processes that went into project development. Some people only want the burger, and some want to meet the cow first. To each his own. But ultimately, I think the masses got bored of this stuff which is why we almost never see early development renders anymore.

But these are so much more than just renders of lines. To me, it’s a look directly into the magic our developers work on every day to deliver us the stuff we love. If you know how it’s made then maybe it’s not magic. But if nothing else, it offers a deeper understanding of just how much time and effort that goes into development. So the next time you find yourself impatiently waiting between previews, just take a moment and think about the developers who refuse to compromise on quality. Flightbeam Wellington is almost here. Are you ready?