Lionheart Creations Tango 2 Released!


Good ole William Ortis! Always thinking about the aircraft almost none of us are. But I suppose that’s the good thing about Lionheart Creations. Somewhere between the C172’s and 747’s, many of us need something different to experience. Now granted, some of Bill’s toys are a bit more outlandish than others but overall, Lionheart aircraft very uniquely fill a void that is the awe and wonder of flight simulation. Aircraft such at the Avelina, Blade, Q200 and the now released, Tango 2. And among those, the aircraft that are very well received such as the Lear 24B and Tobago just to name a couple. And sadly not on this list are the quietly canceled Pipistrel Panthera, and Fokker F100. Nevertheless, Lionheart Creations is very much still in the game and if you are looking to add a new GA aircraft to your collection, you can grab the Revolution Aviation Tango 2 for about $26 bucks!