David Rosenfield Returns To His Roots!


Show of hands, who remembers FSAddon? I only ask because the popularity of the site is only a fraction to what it once was and it was the home to the mighty Holger Sandmann and David Rosenfield among others. FSAddon is still alive and kicking with an impressive looking Bristol Freighter currently in development. But as things pertain to David, I remember so long ago when he came across my radar with his Ben Gurion airport release through FSAddon. The quality for it’s time was terrific despite a tapering off of quality near the eastern side of the airport. I believe it was my friend Amos Geva who informed me the reasoning was due to construction taking place at the time. David then went on to develop a version 2 of the airport a few years later and now he returns to his roots yet again with a third iteration. The quality of which, shows David is showing no signs of stopping. Now all that said, I am a little disappointed he canceled (you never knew about it) San Jose KSJO which he was planning do to his daughter I believe attending the nearby university. Nevertheless, Ben Gurion is on it’s way back to P3D! Have a look!