Flightbeam: Bringing New Zealand To Life! You Know, Virtually...


New Zealand is a landscape that is in my opinion the most beautiful landscape overlooked in flight simulation. Robin Corn and his Godzone label has been more like a Godsend when it comes to showing us just how beautiful New Zealand is on screen outside of a LoTH movie. If not for Robin sticking with it for so many years, we would have very little to enjoy. And as it is, we still have little. When Orbx started in with NZNI and SI respectively, it was my grand hope that there would be a major insurgence into NZ in the way they did with the PNW. But sadly, it wasn’t really meant to be. We got a splendid kickass Milford Sound followed by Queenstown some years later. Both airports never get boring to fly into and out of. But outside of that and a few freeware offerings, It’s all been up to Godzone to deliver.

The issue with that? For the most part, Robin is a retired one man band focusing on large region complete with autogenized PR coverage (yes I just made that word up) and trying to focus on airports is quite a bit for one man. It’s been a very long wait, but we are finally starting to see Orbx return with 2 amazing airport releases recently and whereas I think I speak for all NZ aviation fans, we need all these airports, however it’s the key international airports that are seriously in need. Godzone has released Nelson & Dunedin and is currently working on Christchurch. However it’s the North Island that hosts Wellington & Auckland and we have gone far too long without either of these getting the high quality love they deserve.

Enter FlightBeam, now that Australia is complete with love (and getting more but i’m not talking about that… yet) the Trans Tasman routes are about to seriously come alive. Wellington is nearing it’s final stages and the latest previews look exactly as we might expect from Flightbeam leaving the question, what other developers might start looking at NZ in the future?